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MANILA -- Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres is currently single and she believes she deserves another crack at finding true love.The Puerto Rican beauty queen was previously married to American singer Marc Anthony. "I think I deserve a second chance [at true love]," she said in an interview with ANC's "Headstart." "It is very hard and most of all, I’m a mom first and that keeps me very, very busy. But I do think I deserve a second chance," she added.She won the ..More About Age: 41 Birthplace: San Juan, Puerto Rico Profession: Model, Actor, Singer, Writer Credits: Miss Universe Pageant, My Network TV telenovelas, ASAP, Basta't Kasama Kita Linda Sara, more Gabrielle Monique Union Wade is an American actress and former model.

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As for the resumption of her showbiz career in the Philippines, Dayanara said she is open to doing a movie with Piolo Pascual. ".' That would be great." On ex-husband Marc Anthony In the same interview, Dayanara was asked about ex-husband Marc Anthony, with whom she has two children. To help her cope with the divorce, Dayanara co-wrote a book with her sister, Jeanette Torres-Alvarado, titled According to Dayanara, even if she and Marc Anthony are no longer together, there are still photos of him in the house she shares with her children. Because I just had to focus on what they will see later on, what they will learn.

Asked how she dealt with the pain, Dayanara said it was natural to feel hurt. And you know, I just wanted to be that kind of person so that they can continue and admire and all that. [I didn't want to be] not me." Has she forgiven Marc Anthony?

Photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres said that she has yet to see or talk with former boyfriend Aga Muhlach since she arrived in the Philippines.

Dayanara starred with Aga in the movie Dayanara, who was in the country to judge the Miss Universe last Monday, said: "We haven't seen each other or talked for a long time.

The mother of two also revealed that at this point in her life, she wants a man who will accept the fact that he will be only second to her children.

"It has to be a very mature man to understand that my kids come first.

However, Torres, now 42, insisted that she does not like being set up by friends because "it’s a lot of pressure," adding that she would "feel bad" for the person who set her up.

Though praised by fans as a timeless beauty, Torres admitted that it's not easy to get back in the dating game.

And our paths moved in diferent ways, but we'll always have great, great memories." (LOOK: Dayanara Torres is back in the Philippines) Asked if her breakup with Aga back then was a bad one, Dayanara, also known as Yari, said "It wasn't a terrible breakup, but I do remember you know, being hurt and wanting to go, wanting to pack my stuff. It's been 12 years since we've been divorced and yeah, absolutely, for the kids," she said.


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