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In the early ’70s, Holly decided on music as her major focus, especially that which addressed the social conditions of the world community, and started singing and writing songs. wars against Indochina, and the music industry’s disinterest in her outspoken lyrics, Holly launched her own record label, Redwood Records, one of the industry’s first artist-owned companies, in 1972.

The likes of Harold Arlen and Richard Rodgers deserved better.

But that didn't mar the enjoyment of having Ronnie Gilbert back on records after 20 years.

It was not until her 1978 album Imagine My Surprise!

, on which she came out as a lesbian, that Near formally embraced women's music, and even then, after the first blush of enthusiasm for the movement, she went back to addressing a variety of issues (and did not remain a lesbian exclusively, either).

With its chronological sequencing, the album also serves as a selective history of Near's career, tracing her flirtations with various musical styles (folk, contemporary pop/rock, and even show music and jazz-rock), and her evolution from a true singer/songwriter to a singer who, in recent years, has not been much heard from as a songwriter.

That disappearance as a writer contributes to the album's valedictory tone; there is little here to overcome the general impression that women's music enjoyed its golden age in the 1970s.

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But even if that is the case, Near makes the case for herself as an elder stateswoman of the genre on Simply Love by singing some of its best songs.


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