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(It's a touch more serious than his first book, a satirical guide to martial arts.)The title of the new volume comes from Friedlander's rather utopian idea that just because something is small doesn't mean it can't also have an impact.

“If people came together, they could have a lot of fucking power, more than they realize,” he said.

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“I’m already worried that I lost the other half of this.” (Turns out he didn’t.) “I definitely have OCD paranoia problems. I have trust issues with people as well.“It’s extremely stressful," he continued.

"Imagine if you thought every time you tie your shoe, you fear that not only you’re going to get cancer, but your actions are giving you cancer. That’s the kind of OCD I’ve had for years." That anxiety informs .

It's true that even the most profound discussion of, say, the wage gap in America can get diluted in the laughs Friedlander elicits.

But he's committed to speaking up: “Most progress doesn’t happen if you don’t fucking talk about it." Or, in this case, draw about it.

After Morgan’s brief but powerful show, he and Friedlander hugged, rejoicing in the former star's return to live performance.

“You picked a good night to come,” Friedlander told me. Friedlander, 46, is recognizable from years of stand-up, his supporting parts in more than 20 movies, and perhaps most notably, his role as a schlubby staff writer who constantly exasperates Tina Fey on .

Friedlander always enjoyed doodling as a kid, but he got more serious about it when touring as a comedian started to wear him down.

“Instead of just sitting there and working on my act, because I needed a break, I just started drawing,” he said. I gotta do something.’” After a while, he realized he had about 50 drawings and thought he could put them together in a single volume.

He's a hateful and fearful guy and is using [hate and fear] to try to get votes.


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