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Like I am slightly from a more crazy kind of hippie-ish background but how do I still maintain my individuated self among the codependent enmeshed craziness that is my family. I feel much more on the defensive in general when I”m at Kyle”s family”s house.

I mean these are my in-laws and they present all sorts of, you know, they”re fairly personality disordered.

I mean I actually came in at the twelfth hour because I was working on another show.

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On one hand she”s very mature, very wise, very dependable and solid as a person.

And then on the other hand, she kind of descends into some of the madness because she likes having fun and she can get jealous and competitive and she can get kind of immature in her own ways too. We just knew that my family was gonna be kind of like, you know, hot blooded and a little crazier than Kyle”s family.

And so is my family but in like the complete opposite way.

They seem so loving and friendly but, you know, if you get sucked in like you”re suddenly having crazy thoughts like, you know, you don”t want your sister wearing your cheerleading outfit or she”s stealing your favorite jean jacket and we”re in our thirties. So it”s easy to kind of get sucked into the craziness of my family.

In addition the chemistry question, we discussed the fun and challenge of playing differently inflected versions of the same character, as well as her comfort level with the multi-cam comedy format. So, you know, my husband, who's played by Kyle Howard, he and I are in every episode.

“Your Family Or Mine” premieres on Tuesday, April 7. We”re the only two characters that are in every one. And so his family is much more conservative and buttoned up and slightly passive aggressive and wealthier and more traditionally WASPy, if you will.” And truthfully like I”ve never gotten along with my mother-in-law but we try and be pleasant.And then with my family, the difficulty has to do with navigating what, who I am versus who they are.But once they were cast, once Cynthia Stevenson and Ed Begley came along, it suddenly became so much more rich.Like I really, really understood where I was coming from and just how stark the contrast was between the two families.And my family, we”re Irish so we”re much more hot-blooded.

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