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), an area of work which has achieved a somewhat greater degree of consensus than the existing literature on more specific sex difference in ASD.

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However, controlling for total M-CHAT failures, this male disadvantage was more equivocal and many classically ASD-associated features were found more common in non-ASD.

Within ASD, females showed relative strengths in joint attention, but impairments in imitation.

In addition, a list of 6 out of the 23 M-CHAT items constituting the most critical items in predicting an ASD diagnosis (Robins et al.

In line with aim (a) to examine the overall endorsed autistic symptoms with respect to sex and diagnosis by examining M-CHAT total number of failed items, we first conducted a two-way ANOVA (sex*ASD diagnosis) with total number of failed M-CHAT items as outcome.

Each item in M-CHAT was scored 0 = non failure, 1 = failure according to the manual (Robins et al.

to establish an overall measure for presence of autistic-like behavior.

In total, 40.6 % of invited mothers consented to participate.

The cohort comprises 114,500 children and 95,200 mothers.

The possibility of person specific identification of diagnosis in the NPR registry started in 2008.


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