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Afterwards, Dregg swore that he would hunt the Turtles down and eradicate them.

Dregg is first seen on the planet Varanon waiting in line at a bargaining space port on Varanon when the Ninja Turtles accidentally rammed into him while trying to elude angry sales aliens.

Dregg was infuriated by this, and he even knocked Leonardo away when he offered to help him up. When they denied, he explained who he was and threatened to kill them all.

With Armaggon's help, Dregg captures the Turtles' Salamandrian allies, Y’Gythgba and G’Throkka.

Using the threat of his forces invading their home planet of Salamandria as leverage, he gets them to betray the Turtles and lure them to his home planet of Sectoid 1 to capture them.

However, Leo takes the missile himself, the force of the blast knocking Dregg to the ground, allowing Hiidrala to remove Dregg's claw and then summon her guardian, the Cthugga, which devours Dregg and Armaggon whole.

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