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Lee Archify - What You See Is What You Search https:// Arctic Stat - Circumpolar Database Archify - What You See Is What You Search https:// Archive Finder Grid - Connects You To Primary Source Documents and Papers Around the World Archive Grid - Historical Archives from Throughout the World It - Institutional Archive Collections of Digital Content Arduino - Open Source Electronic Prototyping Plastform Arktan - Connecting Your Digital Activity AROUNDMe - Collaborative Social Spaces On the Web ARROW Discovery Service - Search Australian Research Repositories Artia - Web-Based Software for Project Management Article Alley - Submit or Find Articles Article Dashboard Article Me - Buy and Sell Article Content Article of the Future - Cell Beta Prototypes Article Search API - New York Times Articles 1981 to Present Article Snatch - Free Article Directory Artificer: Software Artifact, Metadata, and Information Repository Asana - Free Collaborative Task and Project Management Software ASCII Code - The Extended ASCII Table Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot

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Common Common Machinery - Building the Infrastructure of the Commons - Leading Twitter Community Manager Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resource Company Filings and Forms Via EDGAR Comparison of Research Networking Tools and Research Profiling Systems Compete - Optimize Your Digital Marketing https:// Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide - Completely Updated - December 16, 2015 Freeware Collection - Come Xplore Component Search - Find the Components You Need Now Compress JPG - Compress JPG Images With the Force of an Elephant Computime - Full Service Electronic Signature Distribution and Technology Support Comp Wisdom - IT Search Engine Conceptboard - Realtime Teamwork on Thoughts and Documents Concept Share - Share and Review Ideas and Designs Over the Web Conducting Research Surveys via Email and the Web Conference Alerts Conference Hound - Over 40,000 Conference and Convention Listings Confluence - Enterprise Wiki Software and Hosting Beta Congressional Directory for the 114th Congress https:// Congressional Research Service [CRS] Reports Research Service (CRS) Reports Repositories Comnnect2Field - Field Service Software and Job Management Connect-A-Sketch - Upload and Connect Your Sketches To Create Clickable Prototypes Connexions - Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities Connotea: Social Citations and Remote Reference Management for Scientists Consultant - Sharing Tools for Nonprofit Technology Support Consumer Complaint Database Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) Consumer Policy Toolkit Consumer Reports - 101 Secrets From our Experts: The Insider’s Guide to Practically Everything https:// Research - Consumer Behavior and Demographic Research Tool Contact Help - Directory of Phone Numbers of Customer Service and Customer Support Contently - Powering The Next Generation of Publishing Content Matters Content Saver - Software for Web Research and Information Gathering

Content Content Workspace - Enterprsie Document Capture Context Discovery - Text Summarization and Knowledge Discovery Tool Context Miner - Tools to Collect Data, Metadata and Contextual Information Control C - Store, Save, and Share Data From Your Clipboard At Your Discretion - Personal Online Discussion Space Converseen Conversocial - Never Miss a Comment - Never Miss a Tweet Convert PDF to Autocad Conzilla - Concept Browser Cool Interview - World's Largest Free Database of Questions and Answers Cooliris - Transform Your Browser Into a Lightning Fast, Cinematic Way To Discover the Web Coolendar - Your Brand New Cool Calendar Co-op - Stay In Tune With Your Co-Workers Cooperative Patent Classification - European Patent Office and United States Patent and Trademark Office Co Pe_it!

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