sex gall - Yoona and heechul dating

If you love them both, their interactions, or (like us) think there's something else going on between them; then please do join and come to spazz with us!

93% of my life consist of me dreaming ecstatic while grasping the fact that my life revolve around Heechul's existence. 6.5% is imaginatively contingent upon something meanwhile the 0.5% is a flailing mixture of reality .

Prolly most of the time you can find me here continuing my life twitter / pinterest / weibo .

so yoonhae fighting, saranghae , always and forever.

your forever fan, MICHELLE DUROI really really like snsd yoona and suju donghae, i hope that there are meant to be and married in right time.

Sorry to comment but your comment is really immatured.

DH: Last time, I would say a girl who has long hair & is fair.Thank you all for the support to our beloved Yoon Hae, Pyrotechnics unite! On 28042010, Yoona guested on Heechu;'s Young Street. One question by Heechul to Yoona was "What kind of gift you like to receive from your lover? Donghae: Now, I think that when two people get into a relationship, the longer the relationship is, the better. Eunhyuk: That's right, Donghae, you are such a romantist. On Yoona's part, she loves to receive letter (and honestly, she likes to give one too." and so Yoona answered him "and also took a picture of a cake for the video footage of three years. Donghae: Yea, I watched too many movies, and isn't there a saying that if you take three videos within a span of three years, your lover who left you will come back? She said she expresses herself better when she writes) and on Donghae's part, there is an obsession of writing letters.also, i feel like seohyun would have pretty high standards (not that thats a bad thing necessarily) but i just think thats also a factor. So, that why when Kangnam ask her about boyfriend, she doest denied it, just ask oh well.. But after Heechul said that, Seohyun just quiet then hit him and she does't say nothing and Heechul also said that she blushing too after he saying about this . So different from the past, Before this, she just ignore quickly after someone say something like this. So, the haters just go away from our seolady.😃 The hint is not about her love, example that she give us hint on instagram is about her web drama before the news comfirm and release, if u Notice, she post the picture with z. After a few day, there is news come out about she will release her web drama with z. Btw I find these gals having a near-life blogs just like mine. Your thoughts are very much welcome to entertain just feed my cookies & leave the sarcasm to me.


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